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Create the Perfect Sensory Play Room for a Sensory Seeker 

If you’ve got a sensory seeker on your hands and need some ideas, keep reading for everything we added to our son’s sensory play room, including links to our favorites! 

The older our son gets, the more of a sensory seeker he becomes, so we created the perfect space to help him meet those ever-growing needs!

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Our five year old has always preferred physical activity and “big play” over toys, but once he was diagnosed with autism we realized that he was also just trying to fill up his sensory cup. So it just made sense to turn his room into a sensory play room!

Our son loves running, jumping, spinning, rocking, swinging, climbing…all the things! So we wanted to choose things to check as many boxes as possible, especially for rainy days when getting outside isn’t possible. He also craves visual and auditory sensory input, so we included a couple things to help him meet those needs too.

And once he hits his limit with socializing, especially when we have company (though he also needs a break everyday even with just his siblings lol), we created a little chill spot for him to have some alone time, rest, and have some screentime. 

You should know that we did not get all of this all at once. We slowly added over time as we figured out what he would enjoy, what would help him, and as we found good deals. The size of your space is also something to consider as you choose what to include for your kiddo! Our son’s room doubles as all of the kids’ play room so he has one of the larger rooms in our home, which gave us a lot of space to work with.

Here’s what we added to our sensory play room:


The first thing we got him! But we got this way before his sensory needs took off! He actually couldn’t even jump yet and was in PT for developmental delays. But that means this thing has LASTED! Cause man has it gotten some use since then. 

We got this one from Amazon since it comes with a bar to hold onto. Then once jumping is mastered, it can be taken off. 


The super popular toddler slide has been a hit with our kids. Though our son mostly just jumps off the top of it now….risky play….it’s a love/hate relationship lol 

It’s super easy to move around! We take it outside to slide into the kiddie pool and down the hill, then bring it back inside when it’s a rainy day. It also folds for easy storage! 

Pikler set:

This one was a long time coming because they can be pretty pricey. But I finally found a good deal on this one last year on Amazon.

It’s so versatile and great for all ages so it’s easily used for years. Obviously it’s great for climbing, but you can also turn it into a slide and use it for obstacle courses. And the arch can be flipped over and used as a rocker…just add a pillow!

You can save space by finding a set like ours that comes with a triangle that folds for easy storage.

Sensory play room

Sensory swing:

This has been the very best of all for him, for several reasons. 

Sitting or laying in it gives your body a nice, little squeeze for some deep pressure stimulation. Then obviously the swinging motion, but it also spins 360 so they can spin in it. Our little guys spins in his constantly lol. We even ended up getting a second one for our daughter so they can swing together.

Ours is from Amazon (here). It holds up to 220 lbs, is machine washable, and the height is adjustable. You can also easily take it down or tie it up for safety purposes. 

Sensory play room swing

Bluetooth speaker:

So our son’s special interest is speakers…specifically JBL speakers…so he has quite a few that we’ve gotten him over the years. But the one he generally uses to listen to music while he plays is this one. He can easily connect his iPad and play his favorite songs and it also lights up, which adds to the sensory experience. 

Hexagon lights:

These are a fun add!! So many colors and different patterns! He loves to turn his room light off and turn these on while he listens to music and swings. 

Ours are from Target but they have a few off-brand ones on Amazon that are a little cheaper and have pretty decent reviews too. 

Hexagon lights in our sensory play room

Chill corner of the sensory play room:

For his “alone time,” we set up a little pallet on the floor for him to lay down with space for all his “things.” He likes to chill here with his tablet when he’s had his fill of socializing.

A play couch like this one on Amazon or a Nugget would work really well. We’re looking at getting one to replace what he currently has. 

A weighted blanket has worked wonders for his sleep at night. Now he always likes to have it when he’s resting, so that’s been a great addition as well! I found his at Target and is about 4-5 lbs, perfect for his weight. 

Chill space in sensory play room

Creating a sensory play room for our little guy has been one of our very best ideas! He can meet his sensory needs and has a safe, comfy place to go when he needs alone time.

So if you’re thinking of creating one in your home, it can be amazing for your kiddo! Design it around their specific needs and interests and keep it budget friendly by watching for deals, especially on Amazon or even Facebook Marketplace! 

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