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The Easiest Way to Keep Up with Your Kids’ Laundry: The No-Fold Laundry Method

Our laundry as a family of 5…yeah, it got out of hand fast. Real fast. I was suddenly drowning in piles of clothes and with 3 under the age of 5, I couldn’t just easily do it and keep up. I was OVERWHELMED. Until I figured out the no-fold laundry method and it saved my life. It’s the absolute easiest way to keep up with your kids’ laundry.

The one load a day thing, start to finish, is ACTUALLY doable now. 

If you’re struggling to keep up with laundry in your house and you’re looking for a solution, I’ll tell you exactly how…

No-fold laundry system

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Stop folding the kids’ clothes. It’s as simple as it sounds. 

But I know. It goes against every fiber in your being.

However, once you see how it can change your life, you’ll wish you had stopped sooner. I sure did. 

Now full disclosure here….there are some of their clothes that I do hang. Like my 5 year old’s shirts (due to lack of drawer space) and my 3 year old’s dresses and jackets. But it’s like I don’t even mind anymore because of the massive amount of time I save by not folding. 

How I easily keep up with my kids’ laundry:

I got each of my kids a laundry basket and put their name on it with a sharpie. (Just a super cheap one like this one at Target.) 

I wash and dry a load and then toss it all on our dining room table. From there, I sort and throw each kids’ items of clothing in their basket, take their basket to their room and shove the clothes in their drawers.

That’s it!

The first couple of times I did it this way, it took a very conscious effort to NOT fold lol But by the third or fourth time I was unapologetically shoving them in the drawers and timing myself to see just how quickly I was getting it done lol 

Now you may be worrying about wrinkles…. 

But here’s the thing, young kids’ clothes…like “too young to put their own laundry away” young…they’re tiny. And while they may get a little wrinkly, it’s not near as bad as when our clothes get wrinkly. Not to mention, in my house, they’re most likely covered in food or dirt (or both) by the end of the day anyways. So a few wrinkles are well-worth it if it means not spending a large amount of my valuable time folding tiny pieces of clothing. 

Another plus, it makes it a super easy chore for the kids to help with. They’ll eventually learn to put their clothes away all on their own. Ya know, until they’re older and can learn how to actually fold well. 

I can’t begin to explain the way implementing this no-fold laundry system has helped me. Not that I’m trying to sell you on it or anything lol I would gain nothing from that…. 

I know how much it has helped me, my brain, my anxiety…. So if sharing this super simple idea helps just one overwhelmed mama struggling to keep up with everything on her plate, then I’ll have done my job. 

Simply not folding my kids’ clothes has done more than just save me time. Being able to stay caught up with laundry has taken a huge weight off. It definitely helps me feel way less overwhelmed with all I have to do. 

And I bet it’ll help you too! 

How are you keeping up with laundry? Would the no-fold laundry system help you or someone you know? If so, like and share this post with another busy mama! 

Kalie Thomas



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